Florence to Amsterdam – 1,900km 21 days – Leonardo (GCR Europe Ride Manager) – follow his story – Stage 4.

July 25, 2015

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Stage 4: from Verona to Trento
Sunday 9th July 2015

Wake up and usual business, we slept in a 3 stars hotel with AC and it’s fine, if you do it twice per week.
I missed some roads while coming out of Verona, and me & my mate had some arguments on how to lead following the track….normal business under the sun.
Following the river we got out of town and after 25km we meet the first sweet climb but my mate shown intolerance to fatigue, he’s nervous and consequently he stops just after few km of this sweet climb and tells me he’s going to get back to Verona station and take the train until Trento or other destination….he will inform me later about it.
What can I say? It seems he’s saying goodbye to me, I don’t think we will meet again tonight or tomorrow.
He leaves me under the shadows of a single tree on the road, turns his bike and goes to Verona.
Me, I go on, and after 200mt I meet the starting point of the famous bike lane called via Claudia Augusta. This bike lane will take me up up up in the north following the river Adige. What can I say again? if GF continued for these 200mt and found the bike lane we discussed a lot about, maybe he could have changed his mind…
I decided not to send any sms to advice him. Am I a selfish person?

Alone again, I ride this bike lane is crossing up and down the river and the highway that sometimes goes close to it, other travelers are coming to south, many groups…that’s right, but the correct direction of the via Claudia Augusta is to north, this road was created but emperor to reach Germany in few days with the roman army.

Finally some big mountains are visible in the background, their borders aren’t neat, still need some more road to reach the base.
The air seems cooler or it’s just an illusion? I can see valleys, this means I’m slowly climbing, vineyards all over….this bike lane is awesome…
I stop for lunch in Avio, 2 sandwiches with ham and 2 beers and I am ready again. A good coffee and I update my diary a bit.
I arrive in Trento in the first afternoon, the temperature is unbearable, the town is really desert and my Campagnolo freewheel makes noise (but I call it melody) in the roads.
I need a room with AC to cool down or otherwise tomorrow it will be a nightmare: my credit card is useful in these cases.
After dinner I plan the road to reach Merano, where I guess the real climb will start, I have to cross the Alps.
Update: my mate GF went to Brunico, a bit too far from me. He will stay there for a week, ciao my friend we will meet again in Rome and take care.
OK, now I am really alone except traveling people like me that I sometimes meet along the road.