Florence to Amsterdam – 1,900km 21 days – Leonardo (GCR Europe Ride Manager) – follow his story – Stage 2.

July 22, 2015

Stage 2: from a bungalow on the rives of the Lake of Suviana to Modena
Friday 7th July 2015

We wake up pretty early in the silence of the woods, very high pines spreading large shadow and protecting from the sun.
Morning toelette activity as possible, then fill the bags in order, storing properly each piece in the correct way (I know that this precision will be lost day after day) and we are ready to roll again.
Before talking of any plan we have to find a place for breakfast: until now we said each other three or four words, and finally along the road an open bar welcomes us for a chilling cappuccino and some chocolate muffins. Life is good again my friends (:
We shall put into our legs 100km at least today, to try to respect the km/day schedule, so we decide to avoid the incoming mountains of Apennines and take the valley road, after all we can’t see any other road going north, so today the ride starts with a long and soft descent to the towns of Sasso Marconi and Marzabotto, historical cities for the happenings during WW2;
the road now is flat, the weather is hot and humid and the road rolls slowly under our wheels. We planned to reach a town in the north of Modena but then we got lost a bit in the town entrance, spent 1 hour in finding the correct way and lost a bit of optimism;
what a surprise when we find the our room has no AC but just a fan on the ceiling….here is hot, we decided to stay here in town instead of the countryside as I like.

So, we take a shower, civil clothes, and then we go for a walking tour in the town, some sightseeing of Modena which is a very beautiful city and the quality of food is famous all over the world.
Had a light cocktail sitting in the plaza in front of the dome, maybe the alcohol inside softened the thoughts, my mind goes often to MR, she could be the perfect mate for a trip like this. Miss her.

It’s night now. He can’t sleep. Too hot, the fan doesn’t help; the room on 1st floor is just above a restaurant and until 1:30am no silence is available.
For me is not a problem to sleep in situations like these, but my mate GF turns back and forth in the bed and to the window looking for some fresh air.
This is not going to be good.

I see my friends and the GCR Ride Leaders are encouraging me on strava, I like it and makes me feel good!

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