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Why do I need to complete a Profile when I Login?

Firstly, this enables us to tailor both the bike and ride to your requirements and it only has to be done once. By providing us with your bike size and measurements, we can fit the bike to your specifications prior to collection.
Secondly, it’s really valuable for our ride leaders to find out about your ride activity, – how often you ride and how far. Understanding your fitness and ability will help them plan the ride specifically to you and the other riders joining the group.

Do I have to hire a bike?

No, if you have your own bike, have borrowed a friend’s, or have a multi-day hire bike, you can still book to join one of our group rides. For this alternative, simply select the ‘Without Bike Hire’ option when adding a ride to the cart.
If you don’t have your own bike, choose the ‘With Bike Hire’ option to include a quality road bike and helmet specifically fitted to your measurements.

Do I have to pre-book a ride online?

Yes, you must pre-book online and pay online. This ensures you are covered by our insurance. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay on the morning of the ride.

How far in advance do I need to book a ride?

It is best to book as early as possible, since in some cities quality bikes are limited in numbers. Our dates will show as ‘Unavailable’ once we hit maximum bike hires. There is usually no limit on numbers if you are providing your own bike.

Does GCR join Club Rides?

GCR provides traveling athletes with no-drop group riding dynamics to maintain their training schedule with minimal effort while out of town. GCR routes are designed for riders who want to participate in a group ride that challenges them physically while preventing an unsanctioned race that commonly occurs at shop/club rides. On occasion we may join a club ride, when appropriate.

Can I make a group booking tailored to my group?

Yes, specific group itineraries can be accommodated. So if, for example, you are travelling to a conference with a group of colleagues and you all want to ride together at a particular departure date and time, please contact to request further information.

How fit do I need to be?

The minimum speed for all GCR rides is 22kmph or 14mph. You should be confident and fit enough to maintain this pace as a minimum on all rides.
Please note, the ride leader will adjust the group speed to ensure a ‘no drop ride’ so no one is left behind. We have scheduled regrouping points on the rides.

Can beginners join these rides?

GCR Rides are not suitable for beginners. As a minimum, you should have previous road cycling experience, meet the minimum cycle speed requirement, have your own cycling shoes and pedals and know how to safely ride in a pace line.

What do I need to bring?

If you are hiring a bike from GCR – bring the following:

  • Cycle shoes
  • Pedals
  • Pedal spanner / key
  • Riding kit
  • Ride nutrition
  • Water bottle

If you are joining a ride using your own bike and helmet – bring a puncture repair kit and pump (as well as the items listed above).

Who will be on rides?

Numbers on our rides will vary, at the very least it will be you and one of our fully insured and experienced local Ride Leaders. You will most likely be joining a small group of like-minded riders from all over the world. Occasionally we may link up with a club ride if it’s at an appropriate level for the GCR rider’s experience.
Please note: You must be 18 years or older to ride on a Global Cycle Rides ride.

What happens if it’s bad weather?

If it is deemed unsafe to ride, we will cancel the ride. If the decision to cancel the ride is taken by the Ride Leader – due to weather conditions for example, you will be contacted as early as possible before the ride departure and before you leave your hotel room. This will be done via email to the email address provided in your Rider Profile advising you of the cancellation.
In the event of GCR cancelling a ride, a full 100% refund will be provided. To book another ride, please follow the normal booking procedure online.

Who can help?

If you are not happy with any part of the ride, equipment or leader, please raise the issue immediately with the GCR Ride Leader so we can do our best to make a change and accommodate you if possible. We will also be providing a post ride survey for you to get your feedback.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear your ideas and feedback and if you have any other specific questions not listed here… please feel free to email us. Email: