Seoul – Road Bike Rental – Namhansanseong Loop

69 km - 696 m / 43 mi - 2283 ft - Weekend Rides - Saturday - Sunday

  • Region
  • Country South Korea
  • City Seoul

Ride Description

Ride Description

This ride will start off in Seoul, and quickly joins the Han River bike path. It heads south along the Tancheon bike path, and then leaves the bike path as it heads towards the main climb of the ride. The climb is about a 3 km Cat 3 climb. If the sky is clear, beautiful views of the both Seoul and another city, Seongnam, can be seen. The Namhansanseong Fortress is located at the top of the climb. After the descent, the route follows the Han River along the road, and riders can enjoy some beautiful scenery along the river. The ride eventually rejoins the Han River bike path, which will take the rider almost the entire way back to the start. As expected, the path is mainly flat, though there is one short, steep hill to get the heart pumping.

Ride Map and Profile

Length: 69 km / 43 mi
Altitude: 696 m / 2283 ft
Difficulty: Cat 3 - Moderate


Ride Details

Booking PriceUS $0.00
Departure Day/s Saturday - Sunday,
Departure Time Ride 9 am - Return 12 pm (approx) - Cafe
Duration 2 - 3 hrs ride time
Departure Location Full location departure details will be included in your ride confirmation email.
Included Quality road bike, pre-fitted to your rider profile, helmet, experienced & fully insured local Ride Leader.
Excluded Transport to and from ride departure point, shoes, pedals, water bottle, ride kit, food and drinks.
What to bring Cycling shoes, pedals, cycling kit.
Need to know After you book and pay for this ride, you should complete your rider profile to include your bike measurements. You will also receive a detailed ride confirmation email including specific location details, instructions and checklist.

Ride Leaders

Dean – Seoul

Dean started cycling with a cheap folding bike to see if he could stick with commuting to work. After a couple of bike upgrades - 5 years later, he's still commuting to work. He got into randonneuring about 4 years ago, starting off with a 200 km ride and a 360 km overnight ride in 2011. Since then, he's ridden a full rando series each year, and completed two 1,000 km and 1,200 km rides. When he's not on a bike, he can be found either skiing, camping or attempting to improve his guitar skills. As a Canadian expat living in Korea for 20 years, and riding there for 5, he knows the area well, and is comfortable and experienced riding in and around Seoul, whether on the bike paths or streets.

Colleen – Seoul

Colleen started her journey to fitness through running and was soon introduced to cycling. What was once a leisure activity has now become a passion filled with exhilaration. She joined a local group and started riding with avid cyclists that were training for a Gran Fondo. On her very first ride she walked more than she cycled and admits to feeling defeated. However, the support & camaraderie she was given that day gave her the push to go back again and again. The following year she started leading the pre-rides for that particular route and looking back can now see just how far she developed as a cyclist. Rides that she never thought she could complete in their entirety have now become second nature. She loves how cycling tests her limits and endurance and the sense of accomplishments that follows.

Bike Rental

Seoul Road Bike Rental includes one of the following bikes.

Road/Trek / 2016 Emonda SLR 6
Road /Trek/ 2016 Domane 5.9
Road/Trek/2016 Madone 9.2
Road /Trek / 2015 Silque SL

NOTE: Multiple spaces are available on GCR rides, but due to your specific profile and bike sizing requirements, bookings can only be made individually.

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