Amsterdam Road Bike Hire

Amsterdam – Marken Fishing Village

48 km - 190 m / 30 mi - 623 ft - Weekday Rides - Tuesday - Thursday

  • Region EMEA
  • Country Netherlands
  • City Amsterdam

Ride Description

Ride Description

Getting out of the city with the least amount of traffic lights possible and using ”de Magere Brug”/”Skinny Bridge”. We go to the only two climbs of the day, two bridges of 10 meters in altitude. Where the Netherlands lacks in mountains it makes up for in wind. The wind will be our mountain today. With the more experienced riders we will ride in echelons in an effort to keep a nice pace.

We will be riding on embankments most of time till reaching the small and old fishing village Marken. For our return to Amsterdam a Ferry (free) will be used to cross the river ”IJ”

Ride Map and Profile

Length: 48 km - / 30 mi
Altitude: 190 m / 623 ft
Difficulty: Cat 4 - Easy

Amsterdam Road Bike Hire

Ride Details

Booking PriceUS $0.00
Departure Day/s Tuesday - Thursday,
Departure Time Arrive 6.00 am - Ride 6:30 am - Return 8:30 am - Cafe
Duration 2 hrs ride time
Departure Location Full location departure details will be included in your ride confirmation email.
Included Quality road bike, pre-fitted to your rider profile, helmet, experienced & fully insured local Ride Leader.
Excluded Transport to and from ride departure point, shoes, pedals, water bottle, ride kit, food and drinks.
What to bring Cycling shoes, pedals, cycling kit.
Need to know After you book and pay for this ride, you should complete your rider profile to include your bike measurements. You will also receive a detailed ride confirmation email including specific location details, instructions and checklist.

Ride Leaders

Martijn – Amsterdam

Using his knowledge gained whilst studying for his MSc in Human Movement Sciences, Martijn can provide you with some insights & tips on best training practice, whether it is preparation for a race, burning some extra calories or just getting as fit as possible given the time constraints. Since he races regularly and manages to get on some podiums as well, he is pretty confident that his fitness levels will ensure great rides for all levels of GCR cyclists. During his race training he’s explored the whole area around Amsterdam and last year clocked up over 20,000 km (12,400 miles) of cycling. With experience of cycling in many countries both in Europe and multiple Asia, Martijn has a wealth of experience to share.

Peter – Amsterdam

Peter - or Buzz as he likes to be known, is possibly the earliest cycling commuter we have. As a four year old he used to cycle to from kindergarten! Admittedly a lot of Dutch kids do, but from that early experience he was hooked and now he rides all kinds of bikes and in all kinds of races.  Not just an avid cyclist, having worked as an architect he can also point out Dutch architecture highlights, some properties on the UNESCO World Heritage list are close by. The roads in Amsterdam hold no secrets for Buzz and he can safely guide you through the busier streets and onto the more scenic roads.

Freek – Amsterdam

Freek is a scientist, former elite cyclist and photography enthusiast. He began cycling as soon as he started going to college in Amsterdam. After a year of riding with a local student association, he decided to try competitive racing. Freek was hooked and raced for years on the highest amateur level since 2009. He does not race anymore but has never lost his passion for cycling and occasionally goes on crazy cycling trips through Europe. Freek also works parttime as a cycling trainer, teaching cycling enthusiasts the basics of cornering, riding in groups and race tactics. Due to the many training rides he had did in the past years, he knows the roads around Amsterdam inside out. He is eager to show you around to let you see how beautiful the Netherlands can be.

Bike Rental

Amsterdam Road Bike Rental includes a bike to an equivalent standard to the one shown in the photograph.




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